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Thriving Families Joint Meeting: NE Steering Committee & National SST

Thursday, December 9, 2021
1:00 pm3:00 pm
Please Contact Leslie Gross for more information/an invitation to this meeting.

How is the National Site Support Teams (SST) structured?

The SST will be the key support team for each of the Thriving Families jurisdiction. The team will meet regularly (*every other month in 2021) as an independent unit and with the jurisdiction to help plan and implement jurisdictional efforts and serve as a resource and support hub that has knowledge of and access to partner resources. The teams will work seamlessly at the partner organizational level to determine what resources and support can be provided by whom in a highly integrated way to support the Thriving Families jurisdiction’s plan. These teams will have the ability to call upon the MDT as needed (consisting of expert consultants from needed fields of expertise, in addition to relevant partner agency resources). The representatives on SST have direct access to the Executive Team representatives of their organization for higher level decision making or support as necessary, including barrier busting support at the federal level.

Who are the members of National Site Support Teams (SST)?

The SSTs will be a collective group of interagency and interdisciplinary representatives to ensure that they are working together in transformational ways. The members will include: 1) parent expert; 2) youth expert; and 3) equity experts. In addition to above representatives, each Site Support Team will include: 4) U.S. Children’s Bureau/Federal agency partner lead; 5) Annie E. Casey Foundation lead; 6) Prevent Child Abuse America lead; and 6) a Casey Family Programs lead. The SST lead from each of the four partner agencies will have clearly delineated roles and responsibilities to best support the Thriving Families jurisdiction. This includes the ability to rapidly escalate barriers that require additional support as well as to escalate areas for opportunity that may strengthen the work of all Thriving Families sites. To ensure that the Executive Team is fully informed of the Site Support Teams work, a representative from each of the team will present the team’s project status regularly to the Executive Team.

Our Impact This Year

  • Children/Young Adults Served in 2020

    Over 9,000

  • Parents Supported in 2020

    Over 4,300

  • Service Professionals Trained in 2020

    Nearly 300

  • Counties Working with Bring Up Nebraska

    75 and Growing

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