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Leadership and Engagement Opportunities for Lived Experience Experts

Leadership and Engagement

A person with lived experience is someone who has lived (or is currently living or at risk of living) with the issues the community is focusing on and who have valued insight to contribute about the system as it is experienced by consumers. (e.g., a woman who was formerly or is currently experiencing homelessness who can offer insight into that experience).  

They will have:  

  • Expertise that doesn’t come from training or formal education. 
  • Knowledge from an experience with an issue or challenge. 
  • Direct experience with a system, process or issue, or trying to engage with a resource. 
  • Awareness of what works, what doesn’t work, and what resources (formal or informal) are available in the community. 
  • Strives to use experience and voice to be part of the system and community transformation. 

Parents of children 8 years or younger are invited to work with the development of Family Engagement programs. You can join at any time.
Contact: Mariana Munoz de Schell (402-417-0218)

Nebraska's Youth Advisory Board members are emerging young leaders that advocate for change in Nebraska's child welfare system. Members stay informed about issues impacting Nebraska's transition-aged youth and young adults, collaborate with systems partners and other agencies, organize and host youth leadership events, and plan and lead statewide activities to improve the lives of individuals currently in or transitioning from the child welfare system and those impacted by the child welfare system.

Applications for membership are accepted biannually in early March and September.

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a team of parents who are enthusiastic and eager to serve as leaders within Nebraska to improve quality of life for all children and families. 

Opportunities will be available for parent leaders to lead conversations, identify solutions, and take action on:

  • Addressing community and or State conditions that affect families, aka what is happening in communities
  • Topics parents are passionate about regarding supporting families to be financially sustainable and experiencing healthy, well-balanced lives
  • Communicating with community and government agencies to influence positive outcomes for families in Nebraska

Our Impact This Year

  • Children/Young Adults Served in 2020

    Over 9,000

  • Parents Supported in 2020

    Over 4,300

  • Service Professionals Trained in 2020

    Nearly 300

  • Counties Working with Bring Up Nebraska

    75 and Growing

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