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Who We Are

Complex issues need collaborative solutions. Communities bring all the critical players to the collaboration—service providers, educators, health care professionals, law enforcement, businesses, government agencies, and most importantly, parents and youth. LOCAL communities utilize support to identify gaps in services, develop LONG-TERM plans using the LATEST strategies and data, and coordinate activities. The community collaboration then commits to common goals, measurements, and practices—working as one toward the end goal of improving well-being.

Bring Up Nebraska is a community-led effort, instead of the usual "top down" approach to prevention services. Communities have the best understanding of their own needs and resources. By working in community collaboratives, LOCAL partners identify and coordinate resources in new ways for affordability and sustainability. The focus of Bring Up Nebraska is on building the community's capacity to solve its own problems and be accountable to each other.

Community prevention efforts are not new. Bring Up Nebraska directs new energy, new focus, and new partners to prevention efforts. Through this new energy, we wish to bring more communities and more partners to the table.

Our Impact This Year

  • Children/Young Adults Served in 2020

    Over 9,000

  • Parents Supported in 2020

    Over 4,300

  • Service Professionals Trained in 2020

    Nearly 300

  • Counties Working with Bring Up Nebraska

    75 and Growing

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