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Who We Are

Bring Up Nebraska is a statewide partnership that focuses on community-based prevention efforts.

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Bring Up Nebraska's administrative lead, is working with communities, as well as state and national partners to bring additional partners, resources, and solutions together to address and further support prevention efforts. This initiative was developed not only because of the clear need for prevention in our data but also because government is a poor substitute for a family. And large, top-down approaches like the child welfare system are expensive, hard on families, and by design, become involved only AFTER a crisis has happened. Bring Up Nebraska is about doing business a different way. It is designed to be a community-owned effort that works to prevent families from reaching crisis. Communities lead the way and discover their own challenges and strengths with the funding, support and encouragement of many partners. Community Collaboratives can also be a valuable resource for each other as they share what they’ve learned and determine together the best possible solutions. The cornerstone of Bring Up Nebraska is prevention. People working together locally to help families build on strengths and deal with challenges BEFORE they become a crisis and before the family becomes involved in the child welfare or other higher end systems of care.

Nebraska has made progress, but we need more people at the table – more elected officials, more businesses, more community members, and more representation from those who have been disproportionately impacted by state systems.

Bring Up Nebraska is not a program; it is a call to action. It takes all of us to Bring Up Nebraska.

Our Impact This Year

  • Children/Young Adults Served in 2020

    Over 9,000

  • Parents Supported in 2020

    Over 4,300

  • Service Professionals Trained in 2020

    Nearly 300

  • Counties Working with Bring Up Nebraska

    75 and Growing

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